Maroki - BLOEM


12" NL

Lost Palms / PALMS044

Front View : Maroki - BLOEM - Lost Palms / PALMS044
Back View : Maroki - BLOEM - Lost Palms / PALMS044

Maroki comes through with a 6-track serotonin boost for our Lost Palms series.

With its title meaning 'flower' in Dutch, Bloem EP sees Maroki depart somewhat from the colder acid and electro inflections of most of his previous releases, favouring instead a sunnier vibe and a focus on melody and texture.

'ICBT1' embodies this sugar-coated departure perfectly. High-frequency metallic synth plucks form a dynamic melody, making up just one element of a dense soundscape which also compiles a reverb laden cymbal break, elated flutes and pitched-up vocal chops. The title track, together with 'Forgot You' strips things back a little, both driven by an understated deep house beat. 'Bloem' sees the EP at its most gentle with bubbly xylophonic tinkles that evoke the hypnotic allure of K-Lone's 'Cape Cira' LP; whilst 'Forgot You' gets its melody from the low ends.

'Forgot Me' is its moody older sibling and the most minimal track of them all, showcasing the darker underbelly to Maroki's sound with eerie underwater arpeggios and hollow percussion. This atmosphere sticks around for 'Why': an entrancing full-bodied breaks track sure to be closing DJ sets this Summer. [info sheet from distr.]
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