F. Free & H. Hand - HEADWASH


12" ES

Hot Plates / HOTONES001

Front View : F. Free & H. Hand - HEADWASH (1995 REISSUE) - Hot Plates / HOTONES001
Back View : F. Free & H. Hand - HEADWASH (1995 REISSUE) - Hot Plates / HOTONES001

1995 REISSUE three track ep, exactly the right material for long and enduring raves.

Sales Information:

“F. Free & H. Hand take control of HOTONES001, with a reissue of a not just rare but colossally fabled record that only ever made it to test press in 1995. Ten copies were produced of this three-track excursion into the analogue heavy echelons of a deranged technosphere.

‘Headwash’ shudders through your body like electricity, off-kilter bleeps miraculously balancing the composition, while a menacing bassline inflates your lower body, and some. ‘After All’ drops the pace, employing the iconic Ensoniq DP-4 to create moist, meandering patterns that epitomise the 90s hedonistic German subculture in which the record was developed. The record’s finale, ‘J.S.B #2’ is the most ruckus cut of the lot, playing with heavy leads, synesthesia inducing scenes of strobe lights are inevitable - pair the two, and you have outright carnage.

This is music for smoked out, fast and long raves. Do not sleep.”
[info sheet from distr.]
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