Vernon Felicity - HINDSIGHT EP

Vernon Felicity


12" NL

Fluid Electronics / FE004

Front View : Vernon Felicity - HINDSIGHT EP - Fluid Electronics / FE004
Back View : Vernon Felicity - HINDSIGHT EP - Fluid Electronics / FE004

Fluid Electronics presents a 4-track solo EP from Vernon Felicity aka Boris Bunnik.

Boris Bunnik returns to the Fluid Electronics label after his remix for Rob Belleville. This is his first outing under the Vernon Felicity alias since 2016. Boris - better known for his work as Conforce and Versalife, steps up with four cuts joining the dots between sci-fi-infused scenarios, rapturous synthy vistas and AI-powered club dynamism, bound to have dance floors phasing in a paradox of hi-intensity wares and textures-splattered sonics tailored to maximal effect.

Breaking the EP in, "Chord Memory" lets out a thunder of raucous machine gargling. Navigating a league of its own, halfway proper muscular EBM and no-frills techno from the deep, this one attacks pedal to the metal with great loads of aggro kicks, rattling snares and monster bass swells surging upon the ravers with ominous presence. Doped on laser blasts and liquid-like vintage keyboardry, "Hindsight" blazes a trail of dusty acidness across, laying it thick with FX-riddled stabs and octave-shifting pads out an oddly distorted VHS score.

Flip it over and here is "Contemplation" - a synth-heavy, Chicagoan style mover, smoothly drifting into Blade Runner-esque hyperspace as bars run by. From minute first to last, VF serves up a premium skittish and playful disco chug endowed with the right dose of neon-doused, widescreen escapism to keep the brain and body organically synced. Final number "Alternate" tops it off on an even breezier note, pulling out an impeccable arsenal of crudely dressed hats, solar-powered keys and stealth sub bass moves that simply do not let loose on their raving prey until all lights have gone out for good. [info sheet from distr.]
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