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Butter Side Up / BSU007

Front View : Sweely - CLOSER ENERGY (2LP) - Butter Side Up / BSU007
Back View : Sweely - CLOSER ENERGY (2LP) - Butter Side Up / BSU007

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Sweely finally delivers us the highly anticipated debut album on Butter Side Up.

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This June, Sweely serves up Closer Energy, his much anticipated debut album on Butter Side Up with original artwork by Sophie Douala. It marks the label's first full length and is a fittingly standout musical statement from the cult French producer.

Sweely aka William Montana is a low key figure with a highly regarded sound. Since 2019, he has been turning out well crafted EPs on this label as well as the likes of Gene on Earth's Limousine Dream and Brawther's Negentropy. With every release he mines new ground, whether crafting silky deep house, speedy breakbeats or spaced out techno. As a scintillating live act, he has proven himself to be as creative and adaptable in the club as he is in the studio.

Closer Energy finds the artist elevate his craft once more. It's a vibrant and colourful record full of painterly chords and wiggling basslines. Smart found sounds and vocal snippets give each tune a character of its own. Flashes of 80s disco dazzle and perfect pop hooks make it fizz with an irresistibly playful charm from front to back.

It opens with melted neon synths and shimmering jazz hi hats, sci-fi effects and daubs of melody that immediately bend space and time. From there, 'Hello Goodbye' gets super playful, with busy melodies and electronic house funk. There is a Detroit feel to the cosmic house of 'Not Part Of It' and 'Keep On Rock'n' is a deep but crisp electro workout. 'Call Me Tonight' brings a real sense of fun to clipped house beats, 'Techy(la) Sunrise' is a lush update to a classic tech house sound, and 'When You're in Love' showcases Sweely's superbly tight drum programming with far-sighted chords that have you gazing off into the distance.

'MiniLook' is all squelchy bass and tripped out synths, 'Security (Get The Fuck Out)' ups the ante with a brightly coloured and sleazy electro vibe while 'Energy Bars' is run through with a subtle rush of euphoria that sweeps you off your feet. The feel-good vibes continue on the stylish glider that is 'Closer Energy', an electro tune so sublime and seductive it'll melt your soul, then 'Outro' brings you back to earth with some jazzy cosmic ambience.

In signature Sweely fashion, Closer Energy is an album that manages to be high functioning but and hugely
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