Baku - BAKU33333

BAKU33333 (190G / VINYL ONLY)


BAKU / BAKU33333

Front View : Baku - BAKU33333 (190G / VINYL ONLY) - BAKU / BAKU33333
Back View : Baku - BAKU33333 (190G / VINYL ONLY) - BAKU / BAKU33333

Killer mind trippin minimalism by the mysterious BAKU on their very own imprint. Fully analog recorded and mastered, 190g, Vinyl Only! Almost 30 Minutes Playtime.

The record is made from recycled vinyl so yours may contain a 10 or 20 year old record. Many different coloured records have been recycled so each copy has a slightly different colour. There are also a few easter eggs hidden : ) The cover is printed with vegan ink. the inner sleeve is a used inner sleeve that is in mint condition. As used records cannot be 100% cleaned before recycling, the vinyl may sound slightly more vinyl. Manufactured by Matter Of Fact Vinyl - Andre Kronert's own pressing plant. [info sheet from distr.]
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