Bonzai All Stars - PONCHO GIRL

Bonzai All Stars


12" BE


Front View : Bonzai All Stars - PONCHO GIRL - BONZAI CLASSICS / BCV2021019
Back View : Bonzai All Stars - PONCHO GIRL - BONZAI CLASSICS / BCV2021019

DJ Ghost, Santini & Quatretemps, O.R.B. Remixes

Bonzai All Stars shake off the lockdown blues to deliver their latest nu rave classic – Poncho Girl, on Bonzai Classics, which comes backed up with three top-notch remixes. Christian Pieters aka DJ Fly and Laurent Véronnez are the creative minds behind this BAS production. With the nu rave classic sound gathering momentum, we keep it old school with a cut onto glorious vinyl for the die-hards out there. This one will be packaged in our brand-new, eye catching and highly collectible sleeve design.

In the A1 slot we find the Original Mix with its solid, punchy groove. Pounding beats, hypnotic notes and cool vocals build and build, teasing us with tension and energy. A superb remix from DJ Ghost, who is a Bonzai stalwart having been part of the family for decades, sits in the A2 slot where he keeps the energy levels in the red. The original vocal is used alongside a more chugging bassline and punchier kicks, the perfect set builder no doubt. On the flip we find Santini & Quatretemps Remix residing in the B1 slot. These guys have been around for quite a while now, contributing heavily to the Bonzai sound over the years, and here, they do not disappoint. The guys go straight for the jugular with a huge synth driven groove, leaning on hair-raising climaxes which will deliver maximum impact on the floors. Rounding out the 12” and taking up the B2 slot, we have fantastic remix from a trio of old rave bastards, namely CJ Bolland, Steve Cop and Dany Van Der Rieten with the O.R.B. Remix. Founded in 2019, O.R.B.’s mission is to revive the old sound with a modern twist, and they have succeeded with every release and remix they churn out. Here, they’ve brought the darker elements to the fore as heavy hitting beats are joined by mesmerizing risers, scathing arps and a huge drop that will destroy the arenas this Summer and beyond.
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