Unknown - 303 THIRD PATTERN



coloured 12" NL

Zodiak Commune Records / ZC-303003

Front View : Unknown - 303 THIRD PATTERN (CLEAR VINYL) - Zodiak Commune Records / ZC-303003
Back View : Unknown - 303 THIRD PATTERN (CLEAR VINYL) - Zodiak Commune Records / ZC-303003

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Third part of the acid series from Zodiak Commune. Pressed on clear vinyl.

The 303's Third Pattern contains even more acid and acidic techno masterpieces from Unknown Artists. Although minimalistic when quickly checked, these tracks contain immense depth when given a proper listen and you know a proper soundsystem will reveal all these so important details for sure. Less is more has hardly ever been more applicable to a release as it is now. From uplifting to way deep, this release covers a lot of ground! A perfect dj-friendly storytelling tool!

Super focus to see the pixels glitch, ultimately provoking your eyes to twitch. Hypnotized by the color beam taking you places before unseen.

Pure sonic bliss transferred by wire. A spheric acid track that subtly lifts you high like a kite.

Pushed in, pulled back, no way to get out, not enough air to shout. The future, the past, trapped in between, there will be peace at last.

A beautiful acid tale that creates a dream state vibe, but will keep your far from asleep. [info sheet from distr.]
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