Cerrero ft. El Leon Pardo - CANCION PARA UN AMIGO

Cerrero ft. El Leon Pardo



Llorna / LLO019 / 00147564

Front View : Cerrero ft. El Leon Pardo - CANCION PARA UN AMIGO - Llorna / LLO019 / 00147564
Back View : Cerrero ft. El Leon Pardo - CANCION PARA UN AMIGO - Llorna / LLO019 / 00147564
A1: Canción Para Un Amigo
A2: Todo Te Lo Llevaste
A3: Despedida
B1: Cumbia En Lejanía
B2: Cuando Canto Grito ft. Lucía Pulido
B3: Sutileza (Versión De Alborada) ft. Coladera

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Acid infused cumbia dub from Cerrero and El León Pardo.

Cerrero, Llorona Records founder's solo project, joins young "Gaita flute" and trumpet wizard El "León" Pardo (Ondatrópica) for an acid cumbia infused dub journey to the underground electronic sound of south America. Blend of ritualism and futurism, rough ethereal sound, melancholic voices and analog dub mixing for a unique record that presents the work of the thriving electronic acts from Colombia. Llorona's in-house act, Cerrero, teaming up with another Colombian, gaitero and trompetista, El Leon Pardo. The enigmatic and cult like figure has featured on many-a-Colombian record in recent years, including, Ondatropica and Velandia y La Tigra. Though this might be one of the most exciting match-ups yet. Cerrero's minimalistic electronic beats channeled through an analogue console alongside the abraded howls of gaita and accentuated trumpet work. The deep and bassy four-track EP, Canción Para Un Amigo, was justly named to mark the meeting of these two brilliant minds. Mixed in the extemporaneous ambience of a live recorded session, it makes for a riveting listen. Six standalone tracks, bound through crescendoing loops which culminate in an ethereal and atmospheric ritual of sound which evokes Colombian ancestry. From the spellbinding opening of gaita-led "Canción Para Un Amigo", the EP evolves through "Todo Te Llevaste", a track skillfully stitched between its vocal interludes by the rat-a-tat of accented tambor, a fanfare of trumpets and underpinning bass line. Closing out via "Cumbia en Lejanía"'s, gaita / trumpet led interplay into "Despedida", a pining jazz melody soaked in reverb, it's as complete of a work we've heard yet from Cerrero and represents another glistening gem in the ever increasing bows of the Llorona catalogue. Inescapably mesmeric as it is a true delight. [info sheet from distr.]
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