Takadoum - KEEP IT VAGUE



12" ES

Momos Basement / MMBT002

Front View : Takadoum - KEEP IT VAGUE - Momos Basement / MMBT002
Back View : Takadoum - KEEP IT VAGUE - Momos Basement / MMBT002

Als frühes Mitglied des Future-House-Labels Beat X Changers veröffentlicht der in Paris lebende Künstler Takadoum seine erste Veröffentlichung auf Momo s Basement.

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Early member of future house label Beat X Changers, Paris based artist Takadoum drops his first release on Momo's Basement. This oddball is a spontaneous and enigmatic collaboration between ancient instruments and modular synthesis. Based on eerie cosmic grooves and immersive dubby melodic loops, the four track EP, Keep it vague, is a contemplative journey through lofihouse and early minimal techno for warm sunrise festival mornings. [info sheet from distr.]
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