Nullptr - LOST TIME



12" ES

Distorted Sensory Perception / DSP004

Front View : Nullptr - LOST TIME - Distorted Sensory Perception / DSP004
Back View : Nullptr - LOST TIME - Distorted Sensory Perception / DSP004

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Distorted Sensory Perception kehrt mit seinem 4. Release zurück und begrüßt stolz Eddie Symons AKA Nullptr in der Herde. Lost Time- bietet 4 tiefe und dynamische analoge Stücke, die den Geist, den Körper und die Seele stimulieren werden.

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Distorted Sensory Perception returns for their 4th release, proudly welcoming Eddie Symons AKA Nullptr to the fold. ‘Lost Time’ boasts 4 deep and dynamic analogue cuts that are sure to stimulate the mind, body and soul. The EP forms the penultimate part of Nullptr's 2021 triptych, recorded over the final months of a difficult year when the distance between friends and family really started to be felt, yet the hope of better times felt close.

The A-side opens with the bass heavy ‘Adrift’. Shrouded in eerie synth leads and tasteful modular bleeps. All presented over heavy hitting drum loops that together make an emotive, uncompromising whole.
The first side concludes with the warm and funky ‘Islands’. Smooth sailing synthesis and popping percussion in combination create a sonic delight for the ears.

The B-side opens with the dark and moody ‘First Light’. A deep, dystopian example of UK Electro that takes no prisoners. Deep menacing bass pads, melancholic synth leads and acidic squiggles all bubbling under a punchy broken beat. Finally, the last piece of the puzzle and title track of the release ‘Lost Time’ is a lighter, dreamier example of Eddie’s versatility as a producer. Signature arpeggios and contemplative leads all tied together with shuddering percussive elements. A beautiful insight into the reflective mind of its creator and a fitting end to an emotion-inducing record.
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