Humanoid Gods - HUMANOID GODS 2 EP

Humanoid Gods


12" NL

Humanoid Gods / HGD02

Front View : Humanoid Gods - HUMANOID GODS 2 EP - Humanoid Gods / HGD02
Back View : Humanoid Gods - HUMANOID GODS 2 EP - Humanoid Gods / HGD02

Der Künstler Humanoid Gods liefert eine packende Odyssee aus einem anderen Reich des Kosmos voller Dunkelheit, Spannung und interstellarer Klangwelten.

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'Humanoid Gods 02' is a journey which embraces the unexplained, unidentified and unbelievable events which take place in our stratosphere from the beyond. A gripping odyssey from another realm of the cosmos full of darkness, tension and interstellar soundscapes. Opening with impending power, 'Aguadilla UFO' is a thumping track which sets a powerful mood for what's to come. With the darkness also comes a glimpse of light as 'Globular Light' shows off euphoric chords that slowly build into a hypnotic 303 state of mind. Kick comes heavy and hard as 'Vimanika Shastra' turns up the intensity with a relentless track that pushes through the darkness of space at hyper speed. 'Gemini 7' features a beautifully syncopated feeling of floating through a distant galaxy as its acid notes dance playfully through the unknown. These 4 tracks from Humanoid Gods are a follow on from the first EP bearing the same name. Releasing on the Humanoid Gods' imprint, these frequencies broadcasted from the far reaches of our universe galvanize harmoniously into a perfectly constructed EP that will excite and elate. [info sheet from distr.]
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