Marek Hemmann - MOMENTS

Marek Hemmann



Freude am Tanzen / FATLP015

Front View : Marek Hemmann - MOMENTS (LP + DL / 2021 REPRESS) - Freude am Tanzen / FATLP015
Back View : Marek Hemmann - MOMENTS (LP + DL / 2021 REPRESS) - Freude am Tanzen / FATLP015

2021 REPRESS! The third time is the charme...that’s right. Thus, the joy about the third album by Marek Hemmann is huge. Likewise, the third album is perceived as an important brand which ought to show the actual extent of a musician’s potential. Either hold one’s ground or dare something new? Marek Hemmann is not deterred by such expectations. He was merely in the mood for new tracks. The eight newcomers on “Moments” sound accordingly - easygoing, detached and characterised by the same profoundly and harmonically balanced musicality for which Marek Hemmann is world-renowned. Anyhow, a “just continue as before” mentality is not an option for the Berliner by choice - from the beginning, his music effort- lessly blurred the established genre lines. In this vein, his new work is influenced by a great candour. As already accomplished with his highly esteemed albums “In Between”and “Bittersweet”, in “Moments” Marek Hem- man takes the listeners - and certainly the dancers - on a journey through different spheres of contemporary electronic music.

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