Kempston Hardwick - MOWBRAY STREET

Kempston Hardwick


12" UK

Lobster Theremin / LT082

Front View : Kempston Hardwick - MOWBRAY STREET - Lobster Theremin / LT082
Back View : Kempston Hardwick - MOWBRAY STREET - Lobster Theremin / LT082

Uplifting house and garage wobblers from Kempston Hardwick.

As sunny days reappear and bright flashes of optimism reverberate around the globe, along comes London based producer Kempston Hardwick with a killer five track garage-house release on Lobster Theremin that is crying out to be played in the park over some beers.

The early evening groove of ‘Mowbray Street’ bounces into the frame with its playful melodies and sunny aesthetic; bopping and swaying in the fading sunlight. The oxymoronic patterns of harsh and melodic clash on ‘Channel’ as day turns to night; jackin’ rhythms and repetitive pads that create a real sense of inner-groove.

Big breaks and carnival flavour are the orders of the day on ‘Provoke Iddy’ as Kempston flexes his versatility, before arriving at ‘Have You Stopped It’ - a wobbling melter that takes the very best of contemporary bassline and blends it with the fun energy of the transatlantic Vancouver and Montreal crews for some proper euphoric screwface moments.

Wrapping things up is the electro-laced 2-step of ‘Apologies to 25’ - a cut of distorted garage beamed from disco robots on a not-so-distant galaxy. Kempston Hardwick’s Mowbray Street EP might be the artist's most complete work yet, and it couldn’t be arriving at a better moment. [info sheet from distr.]
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