Thomas Hoffknecht - ANTARIS

Thomas Hoffknecht


12" Vinyl UK

Drumcode / DC238

Front View : Thomas Hoffknecht - ANTARIS - Drumcode / DC238
Back View : Thomas Hoffknecht - ANTARIS - Drumcode / DC238

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Thomas Hoffknecht debuts on Drumcode

A rising German talent steps up for his Drumcode EP debut. We got the first taste of Thomas Hoffknecht’s gritty Detroit-inspired sound in 2020, with ‘Code-1’ and ‘Escaping’, both impressive contributions to the recent A-Sides compilations. In a year with few highlights, the producer’s induction into the Drumcode fold marked a distinct positive.

Inspired by visits to the Planetarium in his hometown of Hamburg, Hoffknecht’s ‘Antaris’ EP is an immersive five-track work that charts the breadth of his raw, yet captivating style. The title track is driven by a catchy organ-driven riff and marching percussion and is awash with atmospheric intensity. ‘Comet’ is propelled by energetic stabs and shuffling beats.

On the B side, ‘Sirius’ makes its mark with a shimmering synth-line and spoken word vocal, which adds to the track’s dream-like texture. ‘Wega’ closes proceedings, a low-end rattler that comes up for air thanks to a piercing vox sample that smacks of ‘90s rave flavour. [info sheet from distr.]
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