Gabriel Rei - CITY OF DREAMS


12" UK

Bienvenue Rec / BIENV002

Front View : Gabriel Rei - CITY OF DREAMS - Bienvenue Rec / BIENV002
Back View : Gabriel Rei - CITY OF DREAMS - Bienvenue Rec / BIENV002

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Deeper shades of house and techno from our friends in Montreal. 100% recommended. Essential if you like classic Larry Heard, 430 West and Anthony Naples recent material.

A soundtrack to the scene is like a wind to a dream.

How to make a vision reality? No one person can accomplish much alone, so how do we organize when the idea is so liquid?

Three songs crafted for better city living. Life inside, through the streets and alleyways, never forgetting to get up and out into the unknown.

Bienvenue Recordings is thrilled to introduce these songs from the mind of Gabriel Rei...a look into his experience with our city, what it has to offer, and all that it can be. May these rhythms & melodies accompany you on walks through the wild, in dreams, with footsteps on the dance floor.
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