Schlachthofbronx - AKKORD / SHELL FT DOUBLA J



7" Vinyl UK

Zam Zam Sounds / Zamzam81 / 19247

Front View : Schlachthofbronx - AKKORD / SHELL FT DOUBLA J (7 INCH) - Zam Zam Sounds / Zamzam81 / 19247
Back View : Schlachthofbronx - AKKORD / SHELL FT DOUBLA J (7 INCH) - Zam Zam Sounds / Zamzam81 / 19247

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Schlachthofbronx Masterpiece

Any fan of genre-smashing sound system music outta Europe at this point simply must be aware of Schlachthofbronx. Synthesizing bass music traditions and experimentalism from their home continent, the Americas, Africa, and the Caribbean, the Munich duo are sound system staples, with a relentless (pre-covid) touring schedule and a long-running residency on the 60,000-watt Elemental Wave rig at their legendary Blurred Vision night. Absolutely no one makes omnivorous hybrid rave-club-dub-tech like the boys from Munich, and after the universal love received for their first ZamZam, “Dun Dem” b/w “Soundbad” we couldn’t wait to get into a next chapter.

The A side began life as a Blurred Vision tool, gradually molding itself into a proper tune. “Akkord” brings heavy dub reggae energy and mystically marries it to cumbia-laced accordions, an ultra-sick and darkly melodic bassline, and their patented punishing 4/4 matrix. A filtered vocal snippet warps itself into pure rhythmic texture, anchored by a clanging metal “snare” and layer upon layer of lush, saturated synths. All these elements fling into glorious, beatless suspension in full-spectrum reverb space, tension and release artistry expressed through three massive drops for the skankers.

“Shell” is driven by filtering white noise that swarms and swirls overhead like low-flying propeller blades over 808 village percussion. Throbbing single-note sub bass and fist-pumping kick form the sweltering, locked-down beat stage for Doubla J, a friend and collaborator from Costa Rica. He’s the MC in your head, liminal hype-man inside the record, at once calling for, calling out, and existing within the tune and the dark recesses of the echo chamber. [info sheet from distr.]
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