Ohm Hourani - SHAKE

Ohm Hourani


12" Vinyl D

Ultrastretch / U_Stretch 11

Front View : Ohm Hourani - SHAKE - Ultrastretch / U_Stretch 11
Back View : Ohm Hourani - SHAKE - Ultrastretch / U_Stretch 11

Ultraphat groovin Minimal by Ohm Hourani, Decks Tipp !!!

Bringing a combination of two conceptual artists Ultrastretch 11 moves away from dance music
to present this comtemporary off kilter.
On the A side, Montreal based producer Ohm Hourani, known for minimalistic jazz influenced
works on his own imprint ANOMA and beyond, with compositions showcasing infusions of
organic sounds combined with modular synthestisers, drum machines and vocalists such as his
collaboration with award winning Jazz singer and Vocalist Diminique Fils Aime.
On this release he presents a 14 minute stripped down, intrinsically and subtly arranged
combination of elements Initiale by a minimalistic kick drum joined by a synth driven, quirky /
hypnotic mind drilling element paired with the finest straight hihats delicately placed on the
background as the Constant. The subtle movement of the track is introduced by percussive
drumming, vocals and piano keys forming the most beautiful atmospheric melody. The last
element of surprise brings shuffling hihats bringing amazing swing to the overall elegantly slick
The B side brings the highly sought-after drummer Samuel Rohrer. Ranging from ECM sideman
to member of KAVE, a quartet alongside techno pioneer Max Loderbauer, Stian Westerhus and
Tobias Freund as well as collaborative works with Ricardo Villalobos and Laurie Anderson, he is
known for his unique sound aesthetics on advanced musical cross-pollination, developments of
improvisation in acoustic jazz and wider horizons of live electronics.
Rohrer also brings a hypnotic reinterpretation but in a very different manner / mood than the A
side. Initiated by strings combined with Rohrer’s tight drumming patterns at the forefront and bass
line underneath as the constant, combination by which forms a tense yet peaceful core pattern to
this track. To compliment this, synths create movement by adding cosmic and quirky sounds
forming an atmospheric soundscape with the whispering vocal “shake it” on top. Overall, the
paradoxical relationship between tight (rhythm) and lose (soundscape) is presented in perfect
harmony with each other. [info sheet from distr.]
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