12" Vinyl D

Koryu Budo Records / KORYUXL01

Front View : 30Drop - SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS (LP) - Koryu Budo Records / KORYUXL01
Back View : 30Drop - SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS (LP) - Koryu Budo Records / KORYUXL01

90s styled Techno

Our new slice of wax comes this time from outer space made somewhere between unknown galaxies and black holes. The spaceship’s pilot is 30drop, a mysterious alias that has been running its platform 30D for a long while now and is not often seen outside its realm. So it’s an honor for us to have 30drop onboard.

For this special occasion 30drop provides six cuts of futuristic techno but with a ravey approach in a time backspin that brings us back to the 90’s via Sci-Fi, reminding in some way of the early UR records, when Mad Mike and Jeff Mills worked together on the soundtrack of the future.

This is our first mini LP with 3 cuts per side. The first cut is Brain reset, the short drone intro soon leads to a relentless groove made of repetitive sequences over a fast groove. Intense and obsessive.

Mental Understanding brings more minimalistic ingredients, absence of hi hats, just kick drum and synth lines.

Brain effervescence showcases the infamous 90’s hoover sound bringing the rave element and 303 acid lines all merged in a lawless and dense mixture.

B side opens with Self awareness, starting with ethereal atmospheres, spiced with resonant bleeps and micro drones in a beat-less exercise.

Klapaucjusz brings back the 90’s feeling again with analogue arpeggios and melodies, again over a clean groove in a Detroit oriented number.

Closing the release, Knowledge, a space odyssey of strings, abstract synth lines and flotation.

A work that showcases the skills of this well-seasoned producer that stands apart from any trends, futuristic, atemporal and scientifically crafted. [info sheet from distr.]
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