Florian Meindl - TURNMILLS EP

Florian Meindl



Flash / Flash-X-018

Front View : Florian Meindl - TURNMILLS EP - Flash / Flash-X-018
Back View : Florian Meindl - TURNMILLS EP - Flash / Flash-X-018

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Bangin 90s infected (Mills) Techno

This EP is again driven by Florian Meindl's live act performances which are mainly done on a highly effective, stripped down hardware setup.

The Wild Sequence series continues with number 5 accelerating in speed and intensity.

Pulsar marked the beginning of Florian Meindl's appearance at HÖR live stream Berlin and the end of his ARTE Concert set, after countless live interpretations it was time to press it on wax. [info sheet from distr.]
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