Pfirter - ENDLESS EP




Odd Even / ODDEVEN030

Front View : Pfirter - ENDLESS EP - Odd Even / ODDEVEN030
Back View : Pfirter - ENDLESS EP - Odd Even / ODDEVEN030

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Pfirter with an energy driven 5-tracker on Andre Kronerts ODD EVEN. Pfiters lockstep drum patterns construct a hypnotic tale that reverberates with intense metallic synths into an expansive dark room sound with the Endless EP. Through My Window starts with hollow syncopated bass driven by steady kicks. The low end and tight rhythm cause the synth pads to gasp for air in Last Breath. The repetitive chord stabs through the discordant ambiences while the percussion rumbles on with Endless. Certain is an expansive techno track that churns with machine-like precision. The chaotic synths and modulated metallic sounds hold ground with the hard kicks in Release.

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