Snuff Crew & Hard Ton - ALWAYS OLDSCHOOL EP


coloured 12"

Schroedingers Box / SBOX010

Front View : Snuff Crew & Hard Ton - ALWAYS OLDSCHOOL EP - Schroedingers Box / SBOX010
Back View : Snuff Crew & Hard Ton - ALWAYS OLDSCHOOL EP - Schroedingers Box / SBOX010

303 Master Snuff Crew and Hard Ton are back! This time with colored vinyl.

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Never ones to turn down some acid, Schrödinger's Box welcome a well-seasoned 303 master into its ranks. With more than a decade's experience of knob jerking body bending bangers, Snuff Crew are true veterans.

The intent of Always Oldschool is laid bare on the needle drop. Throbbing beats are laced with silver-box squawk as vocals circle in the midnight sweat of "Mile High." Forged in the sound of Chicago, "Mousehole Groove" is a gnarled and nasty banger brimming with attitude. Accentuating that attitude, Hard Ton arrives to bring his unique vocals to the proceedings. Drenched in simmering decay, spiked with rusted snares, "Jack Until" is an ode to the club and the possibilities it brings. Carrying on from that late night romp, we wake up with "Sunday Morning." Club comedown? Think again. Piano keys cut a sharp and fine mood with lyrics only pushing the happiness even higher. Smouldering with a touch of something sinister, "Friendship" closes the proceedings.

Always Oldschool burns with a full intensity. A 12" of fiery floor funk and enflamed passions, a 12" that comes with Snuff Crew's guarantee of sore muscles and a flourish of romance. [info sheet from distr.]
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