Type-303 - UGLYTRUTH



12" Vinyl D

Zeitnot / ZEIT009

Front View : Type-303 - UGLYTRUTH - Zeitnot / ZEIT009
Back View : Type-303 - UGLYTRUTH - Zeitnot / ZEIT009

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90 s rave and acid on Zeitnot 09

Sales Information:

Type-303 delivers a 4-track homage to 90's rave and acid on Zeitnot 09.

Upfront and unreservedly 'The E-Street' captures the soul of eccied warehouse club culture with a thunderous, addictive chord melody from the word go. Belly-deep, sweltering bass made for sweaty body masses. 'Sfääri' takes a serene, almost dream house turn, side-chained lo-fi pads and twisting, turning acid bass.

Flip the plate for more gutteral, darker acid techno - like the head-rattling 'UglyTruth'. Disturbing broken-machine sounding hook looms over bubbling accented acid squelch, while the 303 abuse continues on 'Uprising'; an eerie vocal sample reminiscent of classic Chicago jack tracks, with driving hi-hats and a psychedelic sliding acid line. [info sheet from distr.]
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