Nico Stojan - CARDANO EP


12 Inch

Ouie / OUIE017

Front View : Nico Stojan - CARDANO EP - Ouie / OUIE017
Back View : Nico Stojan - CARDANO EP - Ouie / OUIE017

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A true son of Berlin, Nico Stojan has synthesized the citys hedonistic, tripped out soul into a sound that is instantly recognized as his own. Just as likely to be found playing epic sunrise sets at Burning Man or producing mesmerising tracks over a cup of green tea in his Berlin studio, the co-head dog of Oue (along with Acid Pauli) always provides a wide screen take on underground dance music. With the Cardano EP, Stojan contines on the path of mind expanding house grooves - the title track is a nine minute exploration that uses a few sounds in a subtle and intricate way to create a psychedelic dance floor burner that seems perfect for those sunrise moments. Together is a mid paced chugger that utilizes a simple melodic motif to create a spacy, loose vibe - the perfect track to get lost for a moment to. Inhale has a baggy groove with intricate percussion leaving lots of room for the gentle, wandering keys to work their magic. Once the kick arrives its a moment of pure endorphin rush.
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