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Lobster Theremin / LT069

Front View : Ceili - SWEATING THROUGH MY TEETH - Lobster Theremin / LT069
Back View : Ceili - SWEATING THROUGH MY TEETH - Lobster Theremin / LT069

Furious yet melodic warehouse techno from Céilí.

Fresh off the back of his relentless offering on Techno Is The Devil’s Music and his Speed Bumps VA, Céilí steps up to the Lobster Theremin plate with four raucous slabs of rawness. Dark, pounding techno energy marries saccharine, euphoric trance elements; the result is heady, body music for those with a taste for the colourful-yet-pummelling sonics that are currently championed widely around the clubsphere. Following releases on TITDM, Ophism and Obscuur, plus a heap of killer sets - many at techno institution, Jaded - Céilí is carving out a space for himself with his melodic blend of pacey, ragged techno built for the small hours.

Opener, ‘Spitting Like’ is hard-hitting yet still bright - a sound synonymous with Copenhagen and further afield - the lines become blurred with bubbling acid lines and soaring synths taking us deeper into the vortex. Next up, ‘Locked to the Leaba’ is a tougher affair - dystopian disorientation in this acid whirlpool, this one will drag you right down into the nether realm. On the B-Side the EBM inspiration crawls into view with ‘Chronic Desire (Bare Chest Mix)’, a shadowy, chunky roller - irresistible doof doof that’s crying out to move bodies in warehouses post-lockdown. Rounding out the EP with Ilian Tape-esque broken-beat deepness, erratic percussion, and wavy, hypnotic elements - ‘The Gun Bangs Last’ gives a hefty nod to that classic post millennium UK-via-Germany warehouse techno sound - this is one absolute killer! [info sheet from distr.]
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