Rupert Marnie - CATWALK EP

Rupert Marnie


12" Vinyl D

The Press Group / TPG008

Front View : Rupert Marnie - CATWALK EP (VINYL ONLY) - The Press Group / TPG008
Back View : Rupert Marnie - CATWALK EP (VINYL ONLY) - The Press Group / TPG008

12 inch + Poster , incl Vinyl Only Track

Vinyl exclusive double-sided fold-out poster and vinyl-only track “back”! Three years after his latest solo drop on TPG, Rupert Marnie is back with a vengeance. Punching in with a quartet of high-efficiency jams tailored to whip a frenzy amongst heavenly dancers and murky basement revellers, the Hamburg-based producer clears a new path towards utopian electronics yonder through another fine incarnation of his tricksy assemblages of laid-back Venusian house, breaks-laden ambient scapes and jazzed-up hi-tech heroics. Wading deep in swampy acid grounds, ‘Back’ fires first with its liquid alloy of 303-marinated salvos, warped synth helixes and opaque harmonics, sure to have you levitating in a weird trance-y state of mind right away. A further hypnotic slab of deep diving techno, A2 ‘Runciter’ flexes the verbed-out sub lines, muscular breaks and train-like groove whilst setting the bleep’o-meter to eleven. A feast of ’90s infused carefreeness that shall rejoice both textbook old-school heads, spongy-bodied gymnasts and stranded aliens alike. Flip it over and here’s ‘I.D.E.’ - a repolished filtered-house, Roulé-style delight where handsomely FX-adulterated keys play footsie with classic Chi-town shuffling patterns and laser battle sounds to keep you 100% committed to the groove - from your dancing shoes to your melting brainpan. Final transition comes with the Latin rhythms of ‘6AM Catwalk’, a straight out addictive slice of gently wasted after material, custom-cut to accompany you in your post-party morning routine as the sun caresses the nape of your gauzy, vampiric neck. Forget the fake tan, Rupert’s toasty chuggers have you covered. [info sheet from distr.]
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