Ruff Stuff - Bouncing Hearts

Ruff Stuff

Bouncing Hearts (STRCTR007)

12" Vinyl FR


Front View : Ruff Stuff - Bouncing Hearts (STRCTR007) - STRCTR / STRCTR007
Back View : Ruff Stuff - Bouncing Hearts (STRCTR007) - STRCTR / STRCTR007

Die neueste und beste EP von STRCTR stammt von Ruff Stuff. Der in Italien geborene Berliner Gianfranco Nanni Barnaba ist der Kopf hinter Ruff Stuff.

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STRCTR's latest and greatest EP comes from Ruff Stuff. Italian born, Berlin based Gianfranco "Nanni" Barnaba, is the mind behind Ruff Stuff. His music rooted in the influences of old school House, Deep and Garage with a propensity to find the newest, freshest sounds. Delivering them in a unique style in the booth, and relentlessly attacking the studio.

An essential label for dance floor vibes, delivering time and time again with beats to make you moooove! [info sheet from distr.]
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