12" Vinyl NL

030303 / 030EP015

Front View : Korre - CATHEXIS SESSIONS VOL 1 - 030303 / 030EP015
Back View : Korre - CATHEXIS SESSIONS VOL 1 - 030303 / 030EP015

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Amazing new release on 030303 Records - check!

Part inspired by the prose of his favourite author James Baldwin, South Brooklyn's Korre 's experience of being a black man in America forms an integral part of his work, even if it's largely instrumental. "I always make sure my music has elements of pain, beauty, and darkness," says Korre in his bio. That vibe is certainly felt across his stunning debut EP for Utrecht's 030303 Records. 'End of Time' is a deep, dystopian piece of club music, as much suited for the floor as it is for the introverted mind. With virtually no intro, the listener gets sucked into the intenseness of the track right away. 'Crimson' is equally dark, filled with spooky vocal snippets and washed out acid sounds. 'Don't Wanna Wait' is a heartfelt ambient spacer, not unlike the eeriest work of Burial. 'Silver Exo' then is probably the best track on the record even if it's hard to pick a favourite. Korr? slowly brings the dancefloor back with this beautifully crafted builder, again filled with abstract vocal snippets. Closing this beast of a debut record is 'St Blues', consisting of a male monologue, captivating droney melodies and acid bubbles in the background. It's the conclusion of the first chapter by this artist we will no doubt hear more of in the future. [info sheet from distr.]
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