Janzon - ENIGMATIC 1999



12" Vinyl D

Code Is Law / Codeislaw018

Front View : Janzon - ENIGMATIC 1999 - Code Is Law / Codeislaw018
Back View : Janzon - ENIGMATIC 1999 - Code Is Law / Codeislaw018

Straight prime time Techno by Janzon

A winter evening after leaving a nightclub. On my way home freezing winds numbed my skin. „Kalt, so kalt“ was pulsing in my mind. I thought about Neo‘s replication scene from The Matrix where he felt so cold. With my phone I recorded the vocals and caught this moment as a base for this track.
The title track „enigmatic 1999“ lifts you you up in space with a Lo-fi drum setting that drives your emotions into something enigmatically while the upcoming melody scratches the atmosphere like a skyscraper.
Zion X forms a ritual environment with a complex rhythm structure, followed by a human-like drone voice, before it twists into a minimalistic rave hymn for a few seconds to stoke up the hunger for more.
Residual-Self-Image invites you to dream with its resolving character, truly water shaped beat and breakdown rhythm. [info sheet from distr.]
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