12" Vinyl D

Basaec / Basaec004

Front View : Luciano - NATURE REVERENCE - Basaec / Basaec004
Back View : Luciano - NATURE REVERENCE - Basaec / Basaec004

Basaec is the label founded by Cadenza chief Luciano as an output for the music of its roots, coming from the Chilean prosperous archives or from brand new productions. The fourth episode of the series features two extended fleshy cuts of thick dance floor nourishment. -Nature Reverance- is a grandiloquent obscure hypnotic journey to the center of the Earth, permeated of bass frequencies and jazzy drums, exalted by a slithering capturing Leslied organ. Less inward-looking but still thousands leagues under the sea, -Trance Ilvana- has a shuffled prancing rhythm over an ultra funky stripped down bass line, its swooshes and its drops of juicy synthetic quirks sticks smoothly with its driving bass drum. A generous condensation of timeless electronic funk, and a kaleidoscope of Lucien Nicolet early allure, hard coded in his DNA.

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