Porpax / Porpax002

Front View : Ed1999 - MOVING GLOW - Porpax / Porpax002
Back View : Ed1999 - MOVING GLOW - Porpax / Porpax002

Phat groovin synth laden Melodic Techno

Having released his last fantastic EP Melodius Hubbub a year previous, ED1999 is back with his newest project, named Moving Glow on Porpax records, illustrated by Graphic Designer Oliver SPERL, representing Belgiums best talent. Remaining serious in sentiment but developing his sound, ED1999 uses elements of light to contrast with the dark. As his previous EP followed the theme of interpreting pathways, this EP isn't all too much different, as it captures the autonomous and excitable nature of light. Even though the speed of light is the fastest most constant definitive, ED1999 manages to bend, warp and interpret light itself through each track's alternate paces and elements.

That makes it no surprise that Beam of Light starts us off with a full-body feeling of suspense. His classic momentous techno beat with a gratifying and anchoring kick drives the track the entire way through. Then, as the title foreshadows, the glimmers of light - in the form of synthesisers - manage to push their way through the cracks and eventually bleed out until they're completed absorbed by the beats and become one.

Unknown Luminescence is nothing short of a fun, intense and gyrating episode; in true groovy techno fashion, it's designed to get any listener's shoulders swinging and body's sweating. The repetition of the light ambient melody throughout gives the sense of a far off signal call, drawing in techno lovers from far and wide to enjoy the experience in synchronicity.

Darker again with more sinister undertones, Flamboyant Ray is an assertive approach to techno, yet cloaked in mystery thanks to its muffled kick drums and reverbs. As a more consistent track meant to maintain intensity, it's style and confidence hardly alters throughout its duration.

The final track on the EP, Photonic Energy, embodies the environment of electrical currents swimming through dark and damp corridors; reacting and gurgling as electricity meets moisture. Distant murmurs give the effect that the space is alive and every inch of existence is thanks [info sheet from distr.]
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