Specimen VA - SPECTRO-017

Specimen VA


12" Vinyl BE


Front View : Specimen VA - SPECTRO-017 - SPECIMEN / SPEC017
Back View : Specimen VA - SPECTRO-017 - SPECIMEN / SPEC017

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electro on a ltd vinyl release! do not sleep! Early Support by : Barker, David Martin and more

Specimenrecords enters a new era for 2020, featuring brand new projects from some of most seasoned and some of the best electro producers around the globe. The label as certainly step up a notch, but retains its elements of cosmic drive. This release is a various artists 4 tack EP destined to blow your mind.

About Specimen:

Paul Rip conceived Specimen Records 2012, devising projects under the production name of Eugene Black / Black Art Circus. Prior to this Paul co-owned and managed Plink Plonk Records during the ’90s after creating the seminal acid house warehouse party in London’s @Clink St (RIP (Revolution In Progress), which continued in and out of various warehouse venues under different projects until 92’. Then started working with the likes of Kenny Larkin, Stacey Pullen, Mark Gage, Ian Pooley, Mark Broom Derrick carter over the span of Plink Plonk.

During 2000 Paul embarked on a more academic level, curating and studying Film and Sonic Arts until 2010. After a solid knowledge of Electronic and Electroacoustic composition and its relevant aural history, he decided to take a new approach by forming paste knowledge of operating a label into Specimen. The idea being is to augment Technotronic soundscapes that would crossover into dance floor genres, such as deep, dub and hard techno, electro and broken beat. It showcases some of his earlier colleagues such as Hijacker, Kumo AKA Professor Jono Podmore and Derick Thompson AKA Drivetrain from Soiree International Detroit.

Rip has promoted many events since 88’ Voodoo, Drop, Vapourspace, Cyclone, RIP resurrected Halloween 2017 and more recently Stimulus (a hybrid of dance forms and experimental visuals)

The label has taken on changes subject to release prospects being mainly tied to the digital format. So far only 2 releases out of the 4 albums and 16 EP releases have managed to breakthrough. Now the label is looking more edgier and promising with its forthcoming various artists release SPECTRO-017 featuring Arsonist Recorder, Sound Synthesis, Francois Dillinger and Datawave. This will be a special vinyl release due on February 28th, 2020. They’re some brilliant EP’s scheduled ahead for this year, so keep those ears to the underground!

early support from

Barker: "sick.. sweet electro EP, react is killer.. thanks!"
Andrew Weatherall: "React is magnificent."
DVS NME: "asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfsdf"
Derailleur: "This release kicks.....all tracks are top notch. Arsonist Recorder's "React" is a weapon. 5 Stars :D"
David Martin: "Really strong stuff here! nice EP.
Tal Fineman: "These are banging, will definitely be supporting on Threads Radio/Balamii in the next few weeks"
Alex Jann Censor.Music "Great release. liking all of the tracks - Really love 60 Minute Bleep & Humans Among Us. Will play for sure. Thanks!"
Alienata Discos Atonicos: "Dope tracks!"
Forest Drive West: "Arsonist Recorder and Datawave for me :) Cheers"
Lisine "Nice dystopian vibes. A1 fave, B2 is great as well"
C.A.R: "B Side for me"
Polyop: "Loving this, React is ridiculous, bangs straight from the beginning! Rest of the EP is solid, will spread the word"
Jossy Mitsu: "Loving this! react and genotype 1 are faves :)"
efemme: "<3"
Taimur Agha: "Great EP. Humans Amoung Us is Fire"
Solid Blake: "great thank you will definitely play these :)"
Paul RIP: "All tracks make up this fantastic EP...... Quirky!"
Francious Dillinger: "Always hard to comment on your own releases but I have to say that this is one of the best compilations I've ever appeared on featuring some of my personal favorite producers across the world. My favorite track is 'React' by Arsonist Recorder, the ZaarteKracht boss, it somehow manages to be danceable and dark/eerie at the same time and I love that about it. Fantastic sound design and energy from front to back. That can be said of the whole release, really showing off the entire range of contemporary electro sounds with varying moods, classic sounds, and futuristic programming. Play every track in your sets, you won't be disappointed!"
Ara-u: "slinky motion , loving this!"
PTRX ZwaarteKracht: "Favorite: Genotype 1 - deep dark electro from the future, love the small details which makes you listen more intently! Great work by Datawave."
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