Synkro - OSIRIS EP



12" Vinyl UK

Synkro Musik / SMSK004

Front View : Synkro - OSIRIS EP (HANDSTAMPED) - Synkro Musik / SMSK004
Back View : Synkro - OSIRIS EP (HANDSTAMPED) - Synkro Musik / SMSK004

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Handstamped Vinyl

Little information about the reign of Osiris appears in Egyptian sources; the focus is on his death and the events that follow. The murder itself is frequently alluded to, but never clearly described. The Egyptians believed that written words had the power to affect reality, so they avoided writing directly about profoundly negative events. Osiris is connected with life-giving power, righteous kingship, and the rule of Maat the ideal natural order whose maintenance was a fundamental goal in ancient Egyptian culture. [info sheet from distr.]
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