Adiel & Anthony Linell - RASO

Adiel & Anthony Linell


12" BE

Danza Tribale / DNZT007

Front View : Adiel & Anthony Linell - RASO - Danza Tribale / DNZT007
Back View : Adiel & Anthony Linell - RASO - Danza Tribale / DNZT007

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Dancefloor Sureshot by Adiel & Anthony Linell.. >punto in aria sounds great< – Ben UFO.. >wanna get lost in this!< – Efdemin

The hot magnetic trail of her previous collab with dub techno wizard Donato Dozzy has merely had time to cool off that Adiel's already set for a new joint exploration of the dancers' deep-buried collective subconscious. This time heading for boreal territories with 'Raso EP', the Roman producer joins forces with Northern Electronics co-founder Anthony Linell, aka Abdulla Rashim - a producer so often marvelled-at for the unique shine of his angular compositions, part programmatic 4/4 brutalism, part space-&-time abolishing atmospherics.

Channeling energies as one, Adiel and Linell have shaped and polished a raw, three-faceted gem of near-ritual techno obedience, just as hauntingly evocative as its soul-searching dynamics seem to full scan the audience's own radiating aura. A starkly contrasted affair, 'Raso' gets the ball rolling on a hard-wired hypnotic pulse, alternating nostalgia-soaked background sequences with a scripted 909 kick ramming in with bullish vehemence to the fore.

Primed to blow the gusty winds of insubordination across the dancefloor, 'Decoro' makes for a more baroque dubby weapon, putting on a constant dialogue between its bleepy sonar psalmody and a skittish martial drumwork sure to trigger off the ravers' wildest instincts. Elevating to higher, further exhilarating spheres, the EP's closer 'Punto In Aria' shifts the paradigm to a more positive thinking state of mind, showing off Adiel and Linell's shared knack for assembling powerful tableaux of lush synth abstraction and full-force functional rhythms into truly profound club pieces.
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