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Tiefenrausch / TR015

Front View : Biodub - HOLMSUND EP - Tiefenrausch / TR015
Back View : Biodub - HOLMSUND EP - Tiefenrausch / TR015

Biodub back on Tiefenrausch. Excellent selection from dub tech to downbeat

Tiefenrausch closes the third season of releases with an excellent and extraordinary record. On his Holmsund EP Biodub continues exploring the possibilities of dub influenced electronic music. The four tracks all represent their own special approach, while integrating perfect into the whole EP.
The title track “Holmsund” takes you on a floating journey based on decent field recordings captured on a trip through the endless landsapes of northern Sweden. With “Udu” biodub presents a super mellow grooving track arranged around the deep sound of a pair of Udu drums. “No Tumble Down” is a stripped down dub techno track that features intense reaggae vocals sung by Ray Darwin. The closing track “Return Of The Dead Rider” is a reminiscence of the track “Dead Rider” from Biodub’s first album “Reisegefaehrte”. Syncopated structures build up until a sweet, melancholic acoustic guitar breaks through and carefully leads into a pumping downtempo groove and back again. Absolutely recommended!
The cover artwork was designed by Alex Ketzer who joined in for a collaboration with the illustrators Magdalena Paz and Florian Gassmann for the current releases on Tiefenrausch Records. The EP comes shrink wrapped. [info sheet from distr.]

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