Paradaux - INTRO EP



12" Vinyl US

Tachyon Audio / TAC004

Front View : Paradaux - INTRO EP - Tachyon Audio / TAC004
Back View : Paradaux - INTRO EP - Tachyon Audio / TAC004

Killer 4 track acidic Techno ep

Tachyon Audio 004 is a solo release by Tachyon's own, Paradaux. Paradaux has been on a production tear of late and offers a four-track E.P. that takes Tachyon Audio to a new place in space-time. Intro (A1) sets the mood of the E.P. right from the off with a broken experimental beat that forces the listener to move rhythmically.

The second track, Bolder (A2), offers distorted rumbling and broken drum kit sounds and tweaks pounding down through ethereal fading pads. This muscular groove is sure to warm up anyone.

Side B of the E.P. starts off with Absence of Rain (B1), a mind-bending desert acid masterpiece.

The E.P. continues its trek through the mind of Paradaux, as Step Down (B2) brings back a strong distorted broken rhythm that flaunts the cohesiveness and foresight of the record as a whole and creates an emotional end to the journey.

Lastly, as with every Tachyon Audio release, a raw sound of space is pressed into a vinyl locked groove. This time an open-source National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sample -- the Galileo spacecraft making the first flyby of Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede, this audio track represents data from Galileo's Plasma Wave Experiment instrument. [info sheet from distr.]
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