Max Telaer - 2 FACES

Max Telaer


2x12" Vinyl D

Muzik & Friendz / M&F010

Front View : Max Telaer - 2 FACES (2X12 INCH) - Muzik & Friendz / M&F010
Back View : Max Telaer - 2 FACES (2X12 INCH) - Muzik & Friendz / M&F010

incl. remixes by Akyra, Khillaudio, Rawdio and Pat Lezizmo

We are delighted to release the debut album of Max Telaer. Max lives in Brussels and is probably the most solicited up and coming artist in the Belgian House scene, with releases on Gents & Dandy Records, Pulse Msc, Being All Here, Play Label, Ltd, B/Lbl, Inhale Exhale Records to name a few.

He has a real talent of programming grooves that hit and make your body move, without neglecting the melodic part of his songs.

With this debut album Max goes a step further by exploring his inner thoughts and feelings. "2 Faces" is actually a reflection of 2 moods. The first being a dark one and the second being a more positive one he aspires to. All these feelings are translated in emotive vibes all along the tracks.

This album is some kind of an intimate journal of Max life where he musically expresses his true feelings.

In addition of the original work there are remixes from Akyra, Khillaudio, Rawdio and Pat Lezizmo. [info sheet from distr.]
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