12" Vinyl NL

Rhizome / RHZ001

Front View : JamRat - MARBLE GROUNDS (VINYL ONLY) - Rhizome / RHZ001
Back View : JamRat - MARBLE GROUNDS (VINYL ONLY) - Rhizome / RHZ001

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New Seattle label Rhizomme with 2 originals from JamRat and remixes by Glueped on vinyl only.

"Marble Grounds" is the first release on new Seattle vinyl imprint Rhizome (US). Local live duo JamRat provides the two original tracks "Marble Grounds" and "Neurocare Locale" each accompanied by a remix from Glueped, consisting of Cristi Tudorache aka Melodie and Mihai Mihalcea (Teluric).

"Marble Grounds" on Side A drifts through singing synths and steady percussion, the melody gently arising and humming to the listener before evaporating as the breakdown arrives.

Glueped's first remix of the EP is a cosmically-charged reinterpretation of "Marble Grounds", a dreamlike rhythm providing a quicker pace into lofty synths and a guiding drum.

"Neurocare Locale" is a harmonious hymn fizzing with auspicious vocals joined by a playful synth, provoking ephemeral reflections deep within.

A deep kick and baseline actualize together and announce a dancefloor-ready dive, uncovering a starry remix of "Neurocare Locale", concluding Side B. [info sheet from distr.]
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