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Deviation / DEV008

Front View : Waajeed - HOCUS POCUS EP - Deviation / DEV008
Back View : Waajeed - HOCUS POCUS EP - Deviation / DEV008

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cool Detroit

Deviation is proud to welcome long time friend and collaborator Waajeed to the label for their second release of 2019. The former Slum Village member & Dirt Tech Reck label founder presents four brand new tracks that once more showcase the Detroit-born producer's natural talent for creating house music with layers of soul, hip hop, R&B and jazz.

As is always the case with Waajeed’s work, the EP is imbued with deeper meanings and concepts. When asked why he wanted to call the EP “Hocus Pocus”, Waajeed simply described what Magic means to him:

"Magic: the use of means to have supernatural power over natural forces. By definition music is magic. It has the power to incite peace and chaos. My new EP is called 'Hocus Pocus'. It's an acknowledgment and claiming of the authority of my music. Along with a select group of Detroit-based alchemists, we conjure a spell of that embodies the cycle of birth, death, love and interdimensional travel." - Waajeed

'Abracadbra' and 'Let Your Love' see the producer orchestrate a small cast of fellow Detroit musicians like DeSean Jones and Khristian Foreman. The music further adorned with Mark Flash of Underground Resistance on conga & bongos for 'Abracadabra', while Ideeyah brings a light touch to her vocal contribution to 'Let Your Love'. 'Lotta Bounce' and '32oz' meanwhile bring a tougher, club-ready edge with their sharp instrumental workouts. [info sheet from distr.]
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