Caserta - LUTHER



7" Vinyl UK

Bridge Boots / BB45002

Front View : Caserta - LUTHER (7 INCH) - Bridge Boots / BB45002
Back View : Caserta - LUTHER (7 INCH) - Bridge Boots / BB45002

Caserta brings 2 versions of “Luther” on this 45.

Fresh off of ‘Bobby’, Caserta and co. waste no time getting back in the kitchen to chef up another heat rock, simply titled ‘Luther’.

The Bridge crew take one of, if not the most recognizable voices in music and deliver 2 mixes dedicated to two of the most iconic eras of dance music. Caserta’s King Street Mix takes you back to the live drums and bass grooves of late 70’s early 80’s DISCO. While on the flip, the Henry Street Mix harkens back to the hard beats and synth stab of late 80’s to 90s HOUSE.

With 2 distinct mixes no matter what the party, the dance floor is sure to dig this 7inch the longgggg way.

DJ Support:

“Two fresh flips of a classic, each its own complete vibe! Straight into the bag” - JKriv (Razor-N-Tape / Glitterbox)

“Luther would be proud” - Kon (The Vision)

“So in love with this beautiful flip. This sample still drivin me crazy my baby.” Eli, Soul Clap

“Funky dance floor disco that will no doubt rock crowds but doesn’t give up on musicality and feeling” Bosq, Bacalo Records

“Two Luther flips that work the floor from two different perspectives with a hint of familiarity in both. The A side is a solid disco stomper while the B side takes you to 90s Classic House nirvana.” - Aaron Paar (Teflon Dons) [info sheet from distr.]
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