Guo - GUO4


GUO4 (LP + MP3)

12" Vinyl UK

Mute / STUMM444

Front View : Guo - GUO4 (LP + MP3) - Mute / STUMM444
Back View : Guo - GUO4 (LP + MP3) - Mute / STUMM444

Vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve, including download code and 12 inch photo booklet with stills from the film.

GUO - a multidisciplinary duo formed of Daniel Blumberg and Seymour Wright - announce GUO4, a new release on Mute.

On GUO4, their first release for Mute and the latest in an ongoing series, the pair have collaborated with Crystabel Riley (drums), Fran Edgerley [Assemble] (text) and Peter Strickland (film).

Peter Strickland's film has just been announced to premiere at the 76th Venice Film Festival on 6 September. Watch a teaser for the film - a confrontation between two swimmers in a locker room - here:

Strickland explains, “The framing of traditionally macho scenarios in a homoerotic context takes its cues from the covert porn of Bob Mizer. The combination of muscle and beat-up lockers somehow evoked the music in my mind.”

The name ‘GUO’ itself is ancient Chinese for a metal vessel, or cooking pot, and the resulting work layers alto saxophone, electric guitar, feedback and metal distortion alongside the distinctly-voiced 'ekphrasis' response from a range of collaborators operating across different mediums. [info sheet from distr.]
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