Satanique Samba Trio - MAIS BAD

Satanique Samba Trio


10" Vinyl BE

Rebel Up Records / RUP013

Front View : Satanique Samba Trio - MAIS BAD (10 INCH + MP3) - Rebel Up Records / RUP013
Back View : Satanique Samba Trio - MAIS BAD (10 INCH + MP3) - Rebel Up Records / RUP013

Satanique Samba Trio is an instrumental Brazilian quintet that deconstructs Brazilian folklore & with free jazz and punk aesthetics, a soundtrack that reflects the country’s current political feeling. The 10 inch vinyl included a download code.

Yes, dear customers, your favourite instrumental-experimental-tropical quintet Satanique Samba Trio, known for its iconoclastic research on Brazilian traditional rhythms, is pushing the envelope on the low fidelity field once again! Friday September 13th 2019 will be remembered in Music History for the release of their new 10" vinyl Mais Bad, a conceptual sequel of the 2015 release Mó Bad. Mais Bad is a new collection of low fidelity bagatelles, forged into existence by Satanique Samba Trio's thirst for aesthetical deconstruction. All instruments in this 10-track vinyl have been recorded with the same cheap cell phone from the early 2000’s. It is meant to sound desperate, harsh and absolutely surreal. A little over the top, maybe? Yeah, but hey: that’s just how a country in crisis should look and sound like. Right? Greetings from Brasília, Brazil!

The boys from Satanique Samba Trio: Munha da 7 (electric bass and regency), Gustavo “Don Chavez” Elias (acoustic guitar), Jota Dale (cavaco), Lucas “Sombrio” Muniz (bass clarinet) and Lupa Marques (drums). [info sheet from distr.]
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