Lady Starlight - W

Lady Starlight


12" Vinyl D

Figure / FIGURE X12

Front View : Lady Starlight - W - Figure / FIGURE X12
Back View : Lady Starlight - W - Figure / FIGURE X12

Next 4 Track EP by Lady Starlight

Following up her 2018 EP ‚Which One Of Us Is Me‘ on Figure, Lady Starlight once again tames her hardware for some wild, live and direct cuts. These four tracks of unprocessed, unadulterated machine techno are some of the freshest analog output available these days, with acidic undertones tinging the record in a slightly old school flavor. Starlight still leads way in a highly condensed and to the point way of producing, where simplicity rules and basic elements carry all the tension necessary. Clever arrangement and little filter tweaks are all that‘s needed for maximum rave energy and reveal the hand of a true master of her craft. [info sheet from distr.]
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