12" Vinyl lp D

Ottagona Design Of Music / ODOM001

Front View : BE-2 - MINIMUM UNIT OF HUMAN EXISTENCE (LP) - Ottagona Design Of Music / ODOM001
Back View : BE-2 - MINIMUM UNIT OF HUMAN EXISTENCE (LP) - Ottagona Design Of Music / ODOM001

Zen Oikawa gilt mit seinem Projekt Space Mandala seit den 70er Jahren in Japan als wahrer Kraut-Kosmik-Rock-Pionier. Er war Musikdirektor für Projekte in Anime-Studios, darunter Kitty Records und für das wichtigste japanische Animationsstudio, Studio Ghibli und lieferte einen wichtigen Beitrag für Kurenai no Butta (Porco Rosso) und Omohide Poro Poro (Only Yesterday).

Zen Oikawa with his project Space Mandala since the 70's in Japan is considered a true Kraut Kosmik Rock Pioneer .He has been music director for projects involved in Anime Studios a few such as Kitty Records as for the Most important Japanese Studio of Animation ,Studio Ghibli , giving an important contribution for Kurenai no Butta ( Porco Rosso ) and Omohide Poro Poro (Only Yesterday ). During the early 80's Oikawa sensei teaming up with his girlfriend Psycho giving the birth to the mysterious project Be-2 , the duo since the 83′ made lot of live appearances in the whole japanese country . Be-2 music till today saw the light only over a few promotional live 7 inch Flexi- discs and tapes on Oikawa's Inner Space Records , making also a rare appearance on the famous and nostalgic Telegraph Records, becoming a true hard to find. BE-2 "Minimum In Survivable Human Race Unit" was composed between 1982-1984 ... It will be available on Vinyl for first time over more than 30 years , featuring trax never released till today which BE-2 sound is still considered a few from most rare and abstract music on the market for the lovers of Nippon Ongaku (Japanese Music) as Avant-Garde Oto (sound). The idea of the sound comes directly from the duo and still today is considered from themselves a mixture of techno , noise ambient crystal music as well ... If you love Krautrock, Ambient ,Experimental stuff, Manuel Gottsching , Ashra Temple , Klaus Schulze , Tangerine Dream, Innovative communication kind of music can not miss this pearl. [info sheet from distr.]
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