12" Vinyl D

Burst / BRST006

Front View : Menwood - FERROUS STEAM (KYLE GEIGER / A MOCHI RMXS) - Burst / BRST006
Back View : Menwood - FERROUS STEAM (KYLE GEIGER / A MOCHI RMXS) - Burst / BRST006

Surrounded by machines and shaped by steam, the iron monster rises into the night. Its sublime puffing can be heard in the distance. Loud the closer it comes! This virtuoso monster roams through factory halls and purrs in bunkers, his bass-heavy breathing sounds like the forge s hammer in the ear of thousands! Menwood, who opens the gates wide, joins forces with A. Mochi and Kyle Geiger. The result is a perfect bass-phony with 4 tracks in total. This is Ferrous Steam!

Menwood, a rebel who has dedicated himself with body and soul to mechanized music. His many years of experience under contrasting creative synonyms as a DJ, live act and producer underline his immortal zeitgeist.
Unimpressed by stereotypes and clichés, family man John is maybe one of the world's most barrier-free acts. His world is a steam and diesel powered environment in a fictional timeline in the middle of the 19th century.
Here techno elements are combined with gear grinding, the sound of working metal, hissing oil, leather straps and the attractive effect of an dystopian aura.
It is like a surreal look into a past future that never existed. A creative moment in which trains, airships and innumerable gadgets are in the foreground and almost musically inspire him as a techno act.
The result is reflected in his releases.
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