Alex Arnout - SYNC JAM EP

Alex Arnout


12" Vinyl, 140 g UK

Jacks House / JKH 014

Front View : Alex Arnout - SYNC JAM EP (140 G VINYL) - Jacks House / JKH 014
Back View : Alex Arnout - SYNC JAM EP (140 G VINYL) - Jacks House / JKH 014

Alex Arnout returns with a second EP for the Jacks House imprint

His first EP for the label (Confirmation Bias) was the first release on the label and hit the top 10 best sellers within days of release. The Sync Jam EP features 3 distinctly different tracks. 'Sync Jam' (the lead track) is a true winner with an incredibly infectious loop that creeps in quite early into the track, then the baseline drops in and you are instantly hooked and most likely want to play on repeat. It is the kind of track you wish you had made yourself as the arrangement is stella in the way it builds and engages you. This is a true favourite. 'Calling U' is a really quirky rolling number with both dark and bright tones mixed together perfectly to create a deep atmosphere using lots of interesting catchy keys and patterns throughout the arrangement. 'Resurgen' is a beautiful piece with a true quality mature Balearic sound to it. Warm pads and gentle but effective percussion roll continuously throughout. It is a smooth track that travels, creating a certain of peace of mind. [info sheet from distr.]
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