Dudley Strangeways - LEOS LANDED

Dudley Strangeways


12" Vinyl UK

Leftback Records / LB017

Front View : Dudley Strangeways - LEOS LANDED - Leftback Records / LB017
Back View : Dudley Strangeways - LEOS LANDED - Leftback Records / LB017

Support from: Vid, Andrey Pushkarev, Rich NXT, Annie Errez, Jay Tripwire, Ittetsu, Lo Shea, Matt Star, James Dexter, Oskar Szafraniec & Milou.

The 'Leo's Landed' EP - the 17th release in Lefback's burgeoning discography - kicks off with 'Flipside Flute', a gloriously wonky and unusual cut that's sure to appeal to DJs reading for something different from their bag. The title track is another that showcases the producer's knack for unconventional wares. A relentless, grinding, atmospheric track full of weighty bass kicks and off-kilter piano lines, it's a stifling, unconventional track that will sound at its best when the night is at its strangest point.

The B side gets underway thanks to the cowbell heavy strands of 'Perc'. Dramatic, eerie and sparse, it's another rugged cut on display, with its shuffling beats and many relentless emphasis meaning it's sure to make an impression in any set it finds a home in. It's then left to the swagger of 'Real Talk' to conclude the release. A brisk, confident-sounding, baseline-led jam featuring a sporadic female vocal and some brilliant 8-bit sounds, it's unlike anything else on show here, but it too is designed to create a bit of a stir. By the time this one goes deep, chances are you'll be reeled in hook, line and sinker. Genuinely brilliant and out there stuff, Dudley Strangeways latest is every bit as fantastically odd as Pearson's alias. Top work all around. [info sheet from distr.]
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