Elad Magdasi / Sinfol - DRUM SPIRIT EP


12 Inch

Front Left Records / FLR06

Front View : Elad Magdasi / Sinfol - DRUM SPIRIT EP - Front Left Records / FLR06
Back View : Elad Magdasi / Sinfol - DRUM SPIRIT EP - Front Left Records / FLR06

Elad Magdasi & Sinfol with the next Front Left installment. The vinyl EP includes a download code.

The 6th release is a split EP between Elad Magdasi, a front left raver in his core, and Sinfol - the talented producer from the label Anagram for his debut on Front Left. They each showcase an original tune, with a remix of their own to each other's tunes.

Elad Magdasi - Silent Thrust: focusing on the groove, a pushing forward bassline, this tune will make you get up and dance! That's the goal.
Sinfol - Drum Spirit: a ritualistic journey with lots of detail on the percussion, an acidic lead and a hypnotic vocal sample, joined together to a massive bomb.
Elad Magdasi - Silent Thrust (Sinfol Remix): full of soul and funk, this Detroit influenced remix is an amazing interpretation of the original, with beautiful uplifting stabs and sneaky pads.
Sinfol - Drum Spirit (Elad Magdasi Remix): a driving & energetic beat, with an underwater vibe, together with fun stabs and a heavy kick.
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