Florian Hollerith - PERLAS

Florian Hollerith


12" Vinyl D

Cocoon / COR12163

Front View : Florian Hollerith - PERLAS - Cocoon / COR12163
Back View : Florian Hollerith - PERLAS - Cocoon / COR12163

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Florian Hollerith drops out brassy acid lines and melodic Twists on cocoon

As a winemaker hailing from the Palatinate, Florian Hollerith understands a thing or two about vintage. Itís something that also comes through when you sample his music - rich, full bodied with just the right level of acidity. 2018 was already a good year with Ohrenzirkus featuring on both Sven Všthís Sound of the 19th Season mix CD as well as this yearís Dots and Pearls vol. 5 compilation. Florian certainly announced his arrival on the scene in style, so itís only fair that he gets the chance to demonstrate his full range of skills on his very own Cocoon Recordings release. 2019 however, has a darker, more complex flavourÖ Florian certainly knows a hookline when he finds one. On the EPís title track Perlas, heís working from the inside out with complex layers creating a vortex of sound. This dense sonic mesh is playful yet dangerous, with ethereal voices and jagged chants adding to the disorientation of the opening exchanges until the congas and skipping bassline give us something to hold onto. The dance floor melts under our feet as a raw, tripped out groove takes hold before the bass suddenly morphs into a brassy acid line that spreads its wings and soars. Itís music for the headstrong, a celebration of the timeless tribal ceremonies that have come to define us. Love Summer adds a contemporary twist to the melodic joys that drenched the early nineties in pure ecstasy. The soulful vocals soothe the mind as horn stabs punctuate the sensual groove, generating power and passion in equal measures. Itís a straightforward approach, revolving around a familiar yet eminently seductive riff that just keeps on rolling, propelled forward by the force of its own momentum. Thereís no need to fuss when you hit on a winning formula like this. [info from Label]
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