Boss Axis - GOLIATH EP

Boss Axis



Black Fox Music / BFM029

Front View : Boss Axis - GOLIATH EP - Black Fox Music / BFM029
Back View : Boss Axis - GOLIATH EP - Black Fox Music / BFM029

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melodic tunes with open air character just right for the upcoming spring and summer

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BOSS AXIS - GOLIATH EP - BlackFoxMusic 029 The ministers
of melody are back! Good things sometimes need their time.
And if you count the gap since boss axis' last release one thing
is immediately clear: when its about years, this is not just
"good" - its awesome! The titletrack "goliath" on the A side isn't
just named like a giant - with the huge break of 2mins in the
middle and the catchy melodic bassline it's a perfect peaktimemonster
to burn down nearly every dance􀂢oor. "Goliath" also
gets a new dress by northern germanys Rauschhaus who
already releases on Traum Schallplatten or Paul Hazendonk´s
Manual Music. And this dress seems to be a short and breezy
summer-wear with openair-character. On the B side you'll 􀂡nd
the dreamy "lost bridge" wich don't has to hide from the A side.
We don't know wich bridge they mean, but if everything what
they lose sounds like this techhouse-styled and groovy
dancetrack, we hope they lose some more... Last but not least
"the secret": with a classic sample wich is already used in a
classic early 90s ravetrack from suspicious the massive break
climbs to the top to explode with a stompy [info from label]
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