Alessio Viggiano - SWING FREQUENZY

Alessio Viggiano


12" Vinyl D

We_r house / WRH 05

Front View : Alessio Viggiano - SWING FREQUENZY (WE_R_HOUSE 005) - We_r house / WRH 05
Back View : Alessio Viggiano - SWING FREQUENZY (WE_R_HOUSE 005) - We_r house / WRH 05

Alessio Viggiano presents the fifth release on the we_r_house imprint

Naples, Italy based producer and DJ Alessio Viggiano has been steadily making his mark on the contemporary house scene over the past few years via release on the likes of Yoruba Grooves, Floorpiece Music, Beste Modus sub-label Beste Freunde and Brain On Couch amongst others. Here though we see him delivering his latest extended play for Cinthie’s we_r_house. ‘Swing Frequency’ leads, as the name would suggest embracing a heavily swung feel rhythmically alongside modulating synths and swirling pads. ‘Crispy Nuts’ follows with robust drums, bumpy bass stabs and an amalgamation of intricately programmed synth shots. ‘Slam Dunk’ opens the B-Side next with skippy drums, airy chords and resonant bleeps ebbing and flowing within before ‘Atomizer’ closes the package, laying focus on swinging snares, rides and Rhodes alongside a snaking bass groove to keep things moving. [info from Label]
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